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• Improved Exhaust Note
• Lighter Than OEM
• Maintains OEM Muffler
• SS304 Stainless Steel
• Smooth Mandrel Bent Tubing



The ARM 340i Midpipe significantly improves the sound of your B58, giving it the aggressive exhaust note you're looking for from a tuned B58-powered BMW. Designed to amplify the power and sound of your B58, the ARM 340i Midpipe eliminates the two central resonators found in the stock 340i midpipe.  By retaining the OEM muffler you still have the ability to control the volume of your exhaust.  Switch your car into Sport Plus and enjoy the sounds of the upgraded B58 sing, or flip it into comfort mode to drive through the neighborhood. 




The ARM 340i Midpipe will allow for perfect fitment, sitting well within the recess for the exhaust underneath the vehicle. It has also been engineered to sit at or above any other portions of the car, giving you adequate clearance, even if you're on a lowered suspension.The ARM 340i Midpipe is designed to fit either the OEM downpipe, or any upgraded downpipe that fits the OEM midpipe.  The ARM 340i Midpipe utilizes the OEM midpipe mounting location to secure the midpipe during aggressive driving

The ARM 340i Midpipe is comprised of two sections, the longer front section and the shorter rear section.  The two sections of the ARM 340i Midpipe are joined with a slip-fit style connection and high quality performance-grade exhaust clamps.  The ARM 340i Midpipe upgrade deletes the two OEM resonators opening up the sound of your B58. 

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