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B58 3.75" INTAKE - 240I 340I 440I

B58 3.75" INTAKE - 240I 340I 440I

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• Increased 3.75" Diameter
• Improved Airflow

• Optional ARM Clear Cover
• Compatible with OEM or ARM Turbo Inlet



The ARM B58 Intake isn't your standard lookalike B58 intake, this has been designed with upgraded 3.75" piping throughout, making it the largest B58 intake available.  Combine the ARM B58 Intake with the ARM B58 Turbo Inlet to give your B58 a complete induction solution capable of supporting the most demanding B58 builds!


The ARM B58 Intake utilizes an inverted filter design which gives it a massive 186 cubic inches of surface area.  Paired with a multimedia filter material which allows for superb airflow while providing impressive filtration and you have a combination that can take your B58 build wherever you want it to go. 


• 1x ARM B58 Air Filter
 1x ARM B58 Heat Shield
 1x ARM B58 Heat Shield Aluminum Cover
• 5x Heat Shield Cover Screws and Washers
• 1x Heat Shield Securing Nut

 1x ARM B58 MAF Pipe
 1x ARM B58 Silicone Coupler
• 4x ARM Clamps
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