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CTS Turbo Stage 2 Turbocharger BMW M2|M3|M4 2015-2021

CTS Turbo Stage 2 Turbocharger BMW M2|M3|M4 2015-2021

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CTS Turbo is excited to announce the release of our latest Stage 2+ aka the ?RS? turbocharger set, designed specifically for the BMW S55 platform. This kit builds on the success and knowledge for the previous turbo projects we have made and incorporates new technology to optimize performance and maintain factory fitment.

Our engineers utilized transient flow analysis and flow bench testing to optimize the twin scroll turbine housing, while maintaining stock fitment, stock location, and using the stock wastegates. This allows for the use of any stock fitment downpipes, intakes, and charge pipes. The result is an impressive 808whp on a built engine with supporting mods. You can simply transfer your factory wastegates, high performance downpipes, intake and charge pipes during the install. No custom parts are needed and all factory installation hardware and gaskets are used!

The kit features a complete brand new turbochargers and large inlet pipes. No need for cores to be sent in or purchased.
Each turbocharger is VSR balanced to exceed OE tolerances with upgraded heavy-duty bearings and thrust washers. We supply reinforced silicone inlets, that are compatible with any intake system. These inlets will not collapse or deform under vacuum.
Our turbochargers are designed to move a lot of air at lower boost levels, which means you can make some serious power without over-speeding the turbos, which means reliable performance.
Optimal boost level are 24-25psi with approximately 85-88% WGDC. This must be confirmed by your tuner and adjusted, depending on your build.


  • Complete brand new turbocharger; no need for core to be sent it or purchased
  • Bolt-on journal bearing CHRA with HD bearings, turbine shaft diameter increased by 0.5mm and thrust surface increased by 2mm
  • Billet 8 blade compressor wheel, 47.4mm inducer, 58mm exducer with 63.10mm extended tip design
  • 9 blade Mar-M 246 Superalloy turbine wheel, 52mm inducer, 45.6mm exducer, high-flow
  • 316 stainless steel exhaust housings and wastegate components
  • VSR Balanced to exceed OE tolerances
  • Wire-reinforced silicone turbo inlet included
  • Compatible with factory installation hardware (not included)
  • Compatible with factory wastegate actuators (not included, use your original wastegate actuators)


  • BMW M3|M4 F80-F83 2015-2020
  • BMW M2C|M2CS F87 2018-2021
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