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EMD Auto Audi A3/S3 (8V & 8Y) Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

EMD Auto Audi A3/S3 (8V & 8Y) Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

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For those looking for the next step in improved handling, we are pleased to release our rear sway bar upgrade for the Audi A3 /S3 Quattro (8V & 8Y). Designed around a package with our lowering spring kit, the rear sway bar upgrade will reduce body roll to create a more neutral steering balance. This sway bar upgrade is specifically designed to function with the OEM front sway bar, getting rid of the factory under-steer while allowing enough compliance for a comfortable ride and predictable suspension behavior.

For the ultimate performance, we opted for a 3-position adjustable bar. The three settings offer a stiffness increase from 56% to 113%! Please note that when using the stock end links it is recommended to use the middle hole, to maintain proper suspension geometry. To use the outside holes, a spherical end link is recommended as the geometry will place added stress on the fixed factory link.


OEM 21.8 mm Sway Bar Rate: 330 lb./in.

EMD Auto 23.8mm Sway Bar Rate (Position 1): 516 lb./in.

EMD Auto 23.8mm Sway Bar Rate (Position 2): 600 lb./in.

EMD Auto 23.8mm Sway Bar Rate (Position 3): 703 lb./in.

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