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Megan Racing Spec Strut Bar Rear Subaru WRX | STI 2002-2007

Megan Racing Spec Strut Bar Rear Subaru WRX | STI 2002-2007

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Megan Racing really prides itself in keeping the community involved in every aspect of development. Through loyal participation in attending race events, the team supports and collaborates with active members of the racing community who, in turn, offers direct invaluable feedback after real world and on-track testing. Furthermore, each product is vigorously tested inside in-house facilities and controlled variable scenarios.

We take the community's feedback to heart and has incorporated many ideas and concepts from our automotive family across the world to develop performance parts for hard-to-find applications. Working with the newest factories and the most competitive sources in the market allows us to remain at the forefront of product development. A true automotive enthusiast sees potential in almost every car on the road, and with that we have developed parts for over 5,000 different applications in various makes and models, both Domestic and Imported.


  • Subaru WRX/STI 2002-2007
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