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RECARO Pole Position ABE Fixed Back Seat

RECARO Pole Position ABE Fixed Back Seat

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A thoroughbred racing shell licensed for a sporty ride on the open road. Tried and trusted by the world's most famous secret agent! The RECARO Pole Position (ABE) is the ultimate track-road crossover seat. With a one-piece shell made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) or carbon fiber (CF) and flawless ergonomics, no wonder it has a long-standing track record as one of club motorsport's most popular racing shells. Many exclusive car manufacturers upgrade their top performance models with the Pole Position ABE.



  • RECARO proprietary ergonomics: S-shaped backrest with "built-in" lumbar support that protects against spinal compression in high-impact accidents
  • Belt slots for 4-point belt
  • Also suitable for use with a 3-point belt
  • Integrated headrest
  • ABE (German general type approval) component certification
  • Paddable lumbar support
  • Optional Seat Shell: Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) or Carbon Fiber (CF)
  • Seat with ABE (German general type approval)/component certification with 3-point belt available for many vehicles


  • Model: Pole Position ABE
  • Insert Material:
  • Logo Color: White
  • Bolster Material: Carbon Fiber | Black Leather
  • Belt: 3 Point
  • Install Location: Front Driver or Passenger Seats
  • Slider (sold separatley)
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs / 7.0 kg
  • Max height: 34.6 inches / 880 mm
  • Max seat cushion depth: 19.5 inches / 495 mm
  • Max seat cushion width: 15.4 inches / 390 mm
  • All mounting hardware sold separately
  • Mounting hardware varies based on the vehicle the seat will be installed
  • Check with your dealer / installer for fitment and necessary mounting hardware for your vehicle applications


  • All mounting hardware sold separately
  • Mounting hardware varies based on the vehicle the seat will be installed
  • The seat width indicates the width of the seat cushion without side bolsters. This dimension was measured 4.7 inches in front of the bottom of the backrest.
  • The seat depth indicates the total horizontal length of the seat cushion (from the front of the cushion to the bottom of the backrest).
  • Seats with extendable seat cushion: Minimum dimension with retracted seat cushion. Maximum dimension with fully extended seat cushion.


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