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S5X Performance

S5X Performance - 4 Pin Crank Hub - S55

S5X Performance - 4 Pin Crank Hub - S55

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Bulletproof your S55 with the S5x Performance Pinned Crankhub


The stock hub is a known failure point in S55 engines. A failed hub that has spun will lead to incorrect engine timing which could potentially cause engine damage. The S5x Performance Crankhub is proven to prevent the hub from spinning. Our design incorporates a double locking, two-piece assembly.



S5x Performance 4-Pin S55 Hub

S5x Performance Drilling Jig

S5x Performance Drilling Fixture

Carbide Drill Bit


Installation: Installation of this Crank Hub is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be done by a certified shop and technician.

S55 timing tools along with flywheel locking tools are needed to complete this installation.

S5x Performance is not liable for improper installation done by other 3rd party shops.



F87 M2 Competition/CS (2018-2021)

F80 M3 (2015-2018)

F82 M4 (2015-2020)

All S55 Engines

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